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Welcome to Yonder Willow Wellness. As part of my business I write for 4 different website, 1 for each of the 4 areas that I focus on in my business: wellness, network marketing, internet marketing, and personal development.

Below you can see the highlights of my most recent blog post on each of those sites.


You can find it just about anywhere, but is magnetic jewelry safe to wear?You can find magnetic jewelry just about anywhere now – jewelry stores, network marketing companies, mall kiosks and gift shops.

Availability isn’t the issue. The real question – is magnetic jewelry safe to wear?

There is a lot of variety to the magnetic jewelry that you find too. How many magnets in the piece? How strong are they? Where are they placed?

If magnetic jewelry is safe for you, because it isn’t for everyone, then what should you look for in a good piece of magnetic jewelry?

Network Marketing

If you are a network marketer, are you properly online yet?I see a lot of network marketers share their product and business opportunity online but they do it wrong.

They potentially give away their prospects when they send them to their company website.

There is a better way to share without giving everything away, and it doesn’t cost very much.

You can register a domain without going to all the work of creating your own website, unless you want to of course.

I share a few options in my latest post about online network marketing.

Internet Marketing

The real questions isn't if you can build a website for free, but whether you should bother. Can you do everything you want to with a free website?Can you build a website for free? Of course you can. That isn’t the question you should be asking yourself.

The real question is if it is worth your time and effort to build a website on a free service.

Will it give you the freedom and tools you need to express your creativity and accomplish your goals for your site?

Of course, you need to do some planning to answer those questions. What are your goals for your website?

You should also consider what you gain by using a free website. Does it really save your that much money? Look into this further by reading my post that looks into that question — can you build a website for free?

Personal Development

What does duality mean, and what is wrong with it?I love to study personal development, especially the new age and spirituality areas.

It doesn’t take very long in those topics to come up the idea of duality, and it is never described as a good thing.

The problem for me was that I never found a good definition of what duality is. That made it very hard to understand why duality was such a bad thing.

Well, I finally found a good explanation and I share my new understanding of it in this post – what does duality mean?


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