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How to Build an Autoresponder – the Opt-in Form

How to create an email opt-in form in WordPressI wrote last week about how I decided a while back to see if I could build my own opt-in email autoresponder system as a WordPress plugin. The first part that I chose to figure out was the double opt-in component, which I will describe here.

Before I get into that, I want to point out some potential limitations of building an email autoresponder into a WordPress plugin. I don’t think the actual opt-in process will be that significant because it is only handling traffic that is already on the website. It just involves sending an extra email message and and an extra page load as the visitor completes the double opt-in.

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Quatre – Weekend Roundup IV

The Weekend Roundup shares some great blogs I have read and a few I have writtenToday is the first day of Daylight Saving Time here in the US. I did a little research about the practice of Daylight Saving Time around the world. It starts today for most of the countries who participate west of the Atlantic in the northern hemisphere. It spreads east of the Atlantic in a couple weeks, and it ends in about a month for our friends south of the Equator. I still get amused when I hear people, especially politicians in the government, say that they are adding an hour of daylight every year by doing this, as if they could actually affect the rotation of our planet by making us all get up an hour earlier.

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How to Build an Opt-in Email Autoresponder

I Decided to write my own opt-in form and email autoresponder for WordPressI decided about a year and a half ago to write my own opt-in form and email autoresponder plugin for WordPress. I decided today that I would share the adventure in a series of blog posts. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain what these are. Opt-in forms are those little forms you see on a lot of blogs and other websites asking you to sign up by entering your name and email address. Once you do that they may email you a free gift of some sort and they will probably send you regular emails with additional content and/or let you know when they have published a new post. The email autoresponder is the part that handles sending all of the emails.

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Tres – Weekend Roundup III

The Weekend Roundup shares some great blogs I have read and a few I have writtenHere we are at the end of another week, or the beginning of another week depending on how you look at it. Either way, it is time to take a look back at some of the interesting blog posts that I have read lately.

Last week all of the posts I shared were about blogging. This week is more diverse, only one of them has anything to do with the web at all. I’m interested in a variety of topics, as most people are, and these posts look into some of those other areas. Here’s the Weekend Roundup:

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Weekend Roundup II

The Weekend Roundup shares some great blogs I have read and a few I have writtenTwo weeks ago I decided that I was going to get three new blog posts written every week after being very inconsistent for a long time. Later in the week I decided I would also write a Weekend Roundup post here, promote some of the other bloggers that I have read during the week, and also highlight the content that I created during the week. Here we are at the end of week two of this new challenge and I have been able to stay on schedule so far.

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My First Weekend Roundup

This is my first Weekend Roundup post of what will hopefully be a weekly thing. Life may occasionally get in the way because I am a full-time stay-at-home Dad and I home school my kids, so that’s my first priority. With these posts I intend to share a handful of posts by other bloggers that I have read during the week and the ones that I have written myself on other websites. So without further ado…

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The Ideal Way to Get Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post IdeasPeople, especially those I work with, sometimes ask me how I come up with blog post ideas. The ideal way for them to come together is through inspiration. I recently wrote a post called Sea of Consciousness from something I read in The Magic In Your Mind by U. S. Andersen.

I was reading the book before falling asleep a few days ago and came across a passage that just screamed “blog post” at me. I marked the page for the next morning. Once I was up, I sat down and copied the passage into a new post, then let it sit as I moved on to something else.

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